The Special Features You’re not watching

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This weekend, the staff of BB-P gathered around for a screening of The Blair Witch and the 2016 sequel to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original’s release in 1999.

The original not only reinvigorated the horror genre, but also ushered in a new wave of viral marketing campaigns and inspiring found-footage style filmmakers.

However the biggest treat was to come after watching these movies back-to-back. The Blu-ray of the 2016 Blair Witch had an extensive Behind-The-Scene documentary which detailed many aspects of the film making process. Approximately 100 minutes of footage which is just over 10 minutes longer than the duration of the entire movie!

The special features takes you along into their filming locations in the forests of British Columbia in Canada as well as in studio where some of the more intricate sets were designed.

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